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Oh, are the purple new?  I'm doing a halloween themed cabinet and I'd be interested in seeing the orange and purple buttons. Can you post pictures on your site or here?


Glad to see you have some colors in. Did the red ones come in yet?


--- Quote from: mixelplick on December 06, 2011, 03:02:57 pm ---Glad to see you have some colors in. Did the red ones come in yet?

--- End quote ---

They were supposed to be here any day.  I have a progress inquiry in.

I just ordered a J-Pac from you. Surprisingly your prices were even better than Ultimarc (at least when it came to shipping, that sealed the deal plus I wanted to support someone on the boards).

How is the feedback from the Spectralite buttons? I love the look and want to illuminate all my buttons but I'm apprehensive about buying a whole set of buttons and not being happy. Also are they just flat buttons or are they more concave like what most of us grew up with? I'm converting my Capcom cabinet now and I'm trying to really research all the parts to align to what I want / am accustomed to.

Thanks! -Mike


--- Quote from: mike96sc2 on December 06, 2011, 07:14:49 pm ---I just ordered a J-Pac from you.

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