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I'm not going to put a big price list of parts in this post (the store is a better place to get that, and other, info about the items), but we have been expanding the catalog and will continue to do so over the next few months.  These items are tested and / or modified to meet my personal performance expectations.  Otherwise, they would not be part of our catalog.  These items are new to GroovyGameGear, but may not warrant announcement threads of their own.

But for those who haven't been by the site recently, we have recently added the following to our ever expanding catalog;

ChromaLite™ Chrome plated illuminated buttons with GGG's custom sub-20-gram actuation force Standard Soft Touch™ microswitch included at the base price of $2.35 each.  We have upgraded lighting (more output) for this style of button in stock, which will be put on the store shortly.

SpectraLite™ illuminated buttons with GGG's custom sub-20-gram actuation force Standard Soft Touch™ microswitch included at the base price of $2.15 each.  These are the better performing, re-engineered versions with the lighter spring, and new lower resistance "stepped" plunger leg design, which makes them more comfortable for extended play and eliminates the binding and "squeaking" of similar buttons.  The super-wide angle output (nearly hemispherical) LEDs are also ~4x brighter because the LEDs are half the distance from the diffuser (see: inverse square law).

We have started offering our Arcade PRIME™ Pushbuttons as an alternative to the HAPP pushbuttons, which we still offer.  The Arcade PRIME pushbuttons are the same quality but offer a quicker switch engagement than the HAPP design.  Red button is shown, but they are also available in Black, White, Green, Yellow and Blue.  Our Sub-20-gram actuation force Standard Soft Touch™ microswitch is included at the base price of $1.20 each.

The GGG SmoothStick™ is a pre-built, pre-adjusted HAPP Competition stick with our Versa-Micro™ adjustable switches built in.  Virtually silent operation once installed, providing smoother action, while retaining compatibility with other modifications intended for the HAPP Competition joystick.  $19.95

This is one that's been requested for a while now.  The Wiring Kits were made to our requirements (extra length for maximum controls / interface placement flexibility) and are available as an option for any of our screw terminal interfaces.  We will add them as an option to the Eco line shortly.  The kits are sold in 10 switch increments, up to 40.  The option price for these is up to 10 switches - $4.95, up to 20 switches - $9.75, up to 30 switches - $14.50, up to 40 switches - $19.00.

This is a budget PS3/PC USB Gamepad Interface with wiring that folks have probably seen around.  We gave it longer wiring, dual ground chains with extra connectors, and uniform .187" insulated female QD's to make it easier to use with full size panels and standard controls.  $27.95

A true Opti-Wiz™ plug-in ready 3" arcade trackball available in basic form, or with a number of customizations like High-Res encoders, HQ oiled bearings and Diffused translucent color balls with Nova-TB™ high-output LED light units.  Base Price is $59.95.  Option prices can be viewed at the product listing.

A couple more recently added accessory items.  A 4-Pack of Deluxe PCB Standoffs at a great price of only $1.39 per pack.  Also, a very nice 15 Amp, 110 watt power supply, with adjustable +5vDC, -5vDC and +12vDC output.  These are switchable between 110v and 220v and sell for only $18.95.

Real arcade-quality True-Leaf Pro™ based leaf-switch controls.  The Leaf-Pro™ stick is available in both 8-way and 4-way versions, $17.95 and $18.95 respectively.  GGG's own CLASSX™ Pushbuttons are available with True-Leaf Pro™ leaf-switches to round out a fully leaf-switch-equipped control panel.

A couple of new joystick offerings.  The Roundhouse™ starts at $9.95, and the Spitfire™ starts at $8.95.  Both have options available, such as GGG's SmoothJoy™ quiet joystick switches and laser cut dust washers.  The Spitfire™ is the first joystick to be added to the GGG store which is compatible with, and offers as an option, our new HandCandy™ Premium Arcade Joystick Ball Tops.  The ball tops are seamless, perfectly round, precision ground and polished, and far more durable than anything else out there. They are compatible with any 6mm joystick shaft, but are available as reduced-price options on compatible sticks sold by GroovyGameGear.

Another Hand-Candy™ Ball-Top compatible joystick.  This one has an installer selectable 2 / 4 / 8 way restriction, and comes in either short or long shaft configurations.  SmoothJoy™ switches and laser cut dust washers are also options with this stick.  Starts at $8.95

That should do it for now, but as usual, more good stuff is coming ;)  Check this post and/or drop by the store regularly for updates.  You can also click on the "New Products" category (Link) at the store to get a list of  the most recently added itens.



Updated main post with Groovy-TB 3" Trackball and XIN-MO Budget interface.  More coming soon!


Another quick update.  We have had some suggestions to include more economical, albeit slower, shipping methods for folks who just want to order a few small items.  Normally, we would make adjustments for these on a case by case basis and reduce shipping charges, but we have now added First-Class and Parcel Post shipping options to the store.  As First-Class is faster than Parcel Post, we will try to use First-Class whenever possible, even if the store only offers Parcel Post as an option for that particular order.  For large orders, or orders for heavy items, Parcel post can be considerably more economical than Priority, if you aren't in a hurry.  Priority and Express mail are still available options as well.



Updated main post with new stuff.  We will have a couple more HandCandy™ compatible joysticks and more button options coming in the next update :).


Small change to the options list for the optical-based controls and interfaces.  We were able to get a good price on having the Mouse Button Harnesses made (we used to do it ourselves), so we are passing it on.  We normally sell them for $9.95, but each optical control and interface now has an additional option called "Special Deal" where the harness can be added for only $3.95.

The harness is a 4 pin, straight connector with 3 ~24" wires and a ~34" groundchain, terminated with .187" fully-insulated female QD's.  This allows for three buttons to be hooked to the three mouse button inputs on our optical interfaces.

We had to have a lot of them made to get the cost down, so I'm going to offer this retroactively as well to anyone who has purchased an Electric ICE-T™, a Groovy-TB™, an Opti-Wiz™, or a TurboTwist™ Spinner in the past.  Just leave a note in the order comments that you have one of these controls, and we'll make sure you get the reduced price.

Also, Zippyy™ Joystick added to our catalog, long and short shaft versions.  First post modified to reflect the addition.



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