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I need to bring this back form the old forum.  On each update I would compare the list of games to Mr Do's list of control panel pics.  I might just incorporate that into a php page.

I'm not sure if that is even necessary.  Mr. Do hasn't updated control panel pics in a loooooong time.  I think he's concentrating on in-game artwork now.  I think there's another guy updating fe artwork at this point "unofficially"  we need to check in and see if he's updating control panel pics.

The dat file is getting updates.

That's really odd... there has been absolutely NO news of this.  And I've been checking.  I think this needs to be integrated into the database somehow.  Like maybe it shows the latest update of the dat file and links to the latest packs.  It needs to be something blatent too, not just some link at the front page. 

As for the list, there you go, compare the dat file.... much simplier than comparing the physical images.


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