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Game issues - orphaned records


So with the big update there are a couple of games that have a romname that doesn't match the master mame list

These, I think, are the sex trivia games.  I ma not sure what the new rom name is as it seems 102b doesn't exist.

Isn't the full name of the rom in the entry?

gt102b    Trivia (Version 1.02B)
gt102c    Trivia (Version 1.02C)
gt103    Trivia (Version 1.03)
gt103a    Trivia (Version 1.03a)

1.02 no longer exists in mame it seems.  And 1.03 has a parent of gtsers8 -   Trivia (Questions Series 8)

So do you think we would be fine removing 1.02 and switching 1.03 to the parent.  I have to look and see why 1.03 and 1.03a are entered, if they are in fact different.  But I wouldn't think so.  There might have been weird parent issues in 0.106.

Howard, you entered them :)

It looks like those got copied over somehow during the updates over the years.  If you look they are all the same entry.  Also if you read the misc, it says that the games were actually label-less.  So I would sya make sure the parent is in there and ditch the rest.

I *think* I remember what happened now, not that it matters.  At the time these sort of games were just making it into mame and they lacked a parent/child relationship.  I knew that they were indeed all from the same parent, but mame didn't list them that way so I simply copied the same entry multiple times.  Since then mame has obviously corrected this issue. 


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