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I want to try and get as many Dreamcast Naomi games as I can (that sound fun anyway).  These are the ones that seem converted

18 Wheeler
Crazy Taxi
Dead or Alive 2
Death Crimson OX
F355 (import only)
Giant Gram 2
Guilty Gear (import only)
Samba de Amigo
House of the Dead 2
Virtual Tennis
Zero Gunner 2
Zombie Revenge

These seem to NOT have a DC version
Cosmic Smash
Gun Beat
Jambo Safari
Pocket Shooting
Puyo Puyo DA
Ring out 4x4
Sega Strike Fighter
Slash Out
Tokya Bus Tour
Toy Fighters
Wave Runners GP

Am I wrong on any of these?

Also what are other fun DC titles that work well in a cab (IE 8way controllers and light guns)

Soul Caliber?  (is it as good as the original?)
Power Stone?
Shenmue /2
Resident Evil  1 - 3
Gauntlet Legends (why I want to add it really)
Sonic Adventure 1/2

Any other must haves?

send me an PM with email Addy of your chosing and I will send you the official DC USA game list in PDF format. Would have just attached, but 25k is max size and this is 275K.

that is if you want it  :)


Cosmic Smash did get a dc release in japan.

But dude wtf! No Ikaruga? Its a naomi game and a must have for every dc owner. 8)

For lightgun games, don't bother getting Death Crimson OX.  And for some reason you left off Confidential Mission.

Search the "Everything Else" forum for "dreamcast" and you should see the numerous threads on DC game recommendations (you definatly left out a lot).

crazy taxi 2
sega bass 2
virtua fighter 2
virtua striker 2
sword of the berserk


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