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ive used a monitor for over a year now, and it is far superior, but just like he said above, i switched to a tv yesterday, i was able to get a 25" apex tv with svid, whic is the closest you get to vga on a tv for 150$ at circuit city,  the games dont look as clear, but the lores-ness hidesa lot of the defects in the graphics too, and a ther eis no way i could afford a 25" monitor unless it was arcade and that is a whole nother resolution altogether. but now that i have a tv i can play ALL of my games where before with the vga it was hit n missabout half dont work with the vga box.

so basically while i loved the graphics of the montior i am much happier with the a big ol tv, its worth the loss of detail for size and compatability

just my .02$

27" and 31" Gateway Destination monitors are still going for between $225 and $250 on ebay.  They typically can do resolutions up to 800x600.

I bought a 36" Destination monitor a few years ago for $500 and use it as my main console monitor  ;D.  Too big for a cabinet (unless you want to go the showcase route).

Yeah.. I have a 27" ergo monitor myself.  VGA with 640x480 max.  But I was hoping to get it into an arcade crt myself.  Seems like a great combo if it all works well!

36 inch is not too big for a non showcase when it comes to dumbass custom-arcades lol

and to the guy who said tvs are better

just cut the right wire on your vga box and you'll get an image thats pretty close to your vga monitor and if you want to play other consoles buy a transcoder and use component out from them


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