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I would like to look at integrating any work you have done into the official project.

Here's what I need to know.  What additions have you made?  Tags (like color info)? Roms?

If you added roms that aren't in the official is the accuracy verified?  Meaning there is documentation out there like a control panel pic that verifies the info is correct?


Unfortunately I don't think anyone is interested in our little pet project anymore.  :( 

It's been months since the site has been put back up and there's been virtually no entries or anything.  This is why I was so adimently opposed to unofficial dats..... once they are out in the wild people don't really care how accurate/verified they are and thus now the official database suffers.  :(

I've been working on adding control info for missing entries/new roms as I've been going through the games running on MAME, using control panels pics, instruction manuals, flyers, or on-screen instructions, where available.  So far I only have a few letters of the alphabet done, but I'll try to look through my revised control file when I get a chance.  I didn't, however, keep a record showing from where I got the information I used, so unless I backtrack and look for the materials again, I'm not sure how much use it'd be for the official project.

Well it should be realitively easy.  Assuming you've still got the image packs, just look to see if it has a corresponding image and make a note of it. 

In all honesty we are probably going to have to do a manual check of it all anyway.


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