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I am back........with TV problems.


I bought a 25" samsung TV with Svideo input. I took it out of the case and mounted it into my own bracket. By the way, dont do it. Not really worth it. You can build a shelf, put he TV on it and put a bezel on it. Nobody will know the difference and it makes it much easier to move. I moved mine upstairs this week and it felt like I was having a baby.  ANYWAY. I am now having problems with my TV. I dont know if this happened in the move or not or if it is an  easy fix. When I display a bright picture like a white background in windows, the right side of the monitor begins to discolor (almost like a megnet would discolor a monitor or TV) it gets brown. When I change it to a darker color like blue or gray. I get no discoloration. Anybody got a clue about what I need to do? Thanks -betacrash

oh my god...look out KIDS...betacrash is back..

similer thing happend to me...i look it out of shelf and put the TUBE face to my carpet floor.....then TV have wrong what i did was put the case and TV back together then went back to the store and exchanged and never opened a TV the was not for my cabinet..i was helping my friend take my advice..go back and get another TV..they wont know what exactly happend...I DONT USE TV>>>because pictures look like "BLEEEP"....but i did work with em...and same happend to me....



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