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Ok, here's the 4 screens for your downloading pleasure. Need more time to make the animated ones so that one for a bit later. Also, I can't seem to find a way to make the .swf files import into the theme editor. If anyone knows please msg me or reply. thnx!  This is my first theme. Hope you like it. These are NOT in the Theme editor zip format. I'll make that file later or if anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it. I've been at this all day as I was "partying" this entire weekend and I'm freaking tired.  :cheers:

Chun Li = Intro
Ken = Emulator selection (Use this link to get the corrected image...
Ryu = Game selection
Bison = Running game

They are in .png format. If anyone needs a different resolution then let me know.

Nice images. I like the Chun-Li and M.Bison ones the most :)

What I found with the theme editor is that you can only replace the other images in the theme. I always start with another theme as a template kind of thing and just select images that I don't need (like screen borders etc) and import my new image. This automatically replaces whatever is selected and you should be able to import your .swf files this way.

Hope you figure it out, cus I really wanna see this theme develop.

You can do it!!!

Thnx, I made the Chun Li and Bison the most busy graphically because their just intro and well, outtro?!?!?!!! or however its said. The other 2 will have--as I see in the theme editor--other graphics and rom names and images so I didn't want to overwhelm the screen. I'm not done yet. I may find something else to do like create energy coming into the hands of Ryu and animate a bit of some images but I need to finish my school project first. I'll see if I can do the theme in MA zip format this week.

I'm especially proud of the control panel in the Ken screen. I love how it came out.

what screen will the Ken image be used for?

I think that you have ↓ and → mixed up for the Shoryuken, lol

i got the shoryuken from a tattoo online. search for shoryuken tattoo. not sure if its correct but if you can find the correct combination then please let me know so I can fix the image.


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