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Switchres: modeline generator engine

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This new switchres version doesn't support the --emulator and --rom switches. You should use -l '<full command>'

This worked perfectly.

--- Code: ---switchres_main -s 352 240 60 -i mame.ini -l "mednafen /home/roms/Saturn_roms/romname.cue"
switchres_main -s 320 240 60 -i mame.ini -l "mednafen /home/roms/Saturn_roms/romname.cue"

--- End code ---
Now I can run saturn games at 704x480 or 640x480 resolution with scanlines. It's a shame I can't know game's resolution before loading it... but that's not switchres' fault.

Thank you for your GREAT work Calamity.


--- Quote from: ronbin on April 27, 2020, 11:09:45 am ---It's a shame I can't know game's resolution before loading it...

--- End quote ---
That's why I've removed consoles. Whe you play on a CRT, you want some serious business, NTSC vs PAL refresh rates, not some "let's set 230x240 once for all, emulators will adapt".

But things may change ^^

Should switchres be doing anything to 640x480 images on my standard def Wells Gardner?

I know with lower-res stuff I'm used to seeing a huge horizontal number and the same vertical number but my 640x480 games look like this:

Should the horizontal number be different? Or is that only for lower resolutions?

Also is switchres changing the Hz from 54.124000 Hz to 57.000 hz the reason this particular game runs way too fast? If so, is there any way to fix it?

Hi. I'd like to test the latest standalone build for win32 x86_64 but the automatic builds are all expired and I had no luck compiling it. Anyone can post it, please?
Thank you. 


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