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Ryu Test #1

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Just a taste of my current project. I saw one like this on youtube but the guy never (that I'm aware of) posted it anywhere so I decided to make my own. I got everything ready except I've never used the theme editor in MA so that's my learning curve right now. Once I got it ready I will post and share. Forgive the gif, i cant get it to export to another format.



almost there. I made this next but changed it a bit. Its not animated yet. I was thinking of making her bangs move with a breeze but havent had time to do it. I will this 3 day weekend hopefully.

That new screen looks amazing. Great editing skills. Can't wait for this to be released. I'll keep checking this thread :)

Good luck with the skin!

Oh, and if you're going for a Street Fighter feel, feel free to steal the sound files from my skin here:

I'd make something else move, but that's just me...   ;)


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