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Hello all,
This is my first post on this site, so I'm Super excited! I would like to also say that I am extraordinarily impressed with some of the cabinets that other members have built; which led me to build my own. At first all I did was make a control panel which I could hook up to the computer and once all of the minor bugs were figured out I would be able to slap everything into a cabinet and call it a day.
Well, the first part went well and I was able to make a decent control panel which hooks up beautifully to mame and Maximus Arcade. I then started the long process of setting up Maximus Arcade with a custom background and images which would better match my control panel. There is one hiccup however...
You see, I was foolish and had a dream of replacing the stock CGI arcade control panel for the menu choices with a picture of my own control panel. Well, all work alright, but now there is a block of white on the right side of the cabinet that prevents you from seeing the background image.  :cry: (and looks rather unclean) Is there a way that I can turn this block of white transparent so that I can see my custom background? Thanks for anybody that has any suggestions!!

Okay, I just got back from work and was able to take a few screenshots. Here are some images of what I am working with and what exactly the problem is.
In this shot you can see the background as it naturally is between shifting through the emulators.!
This next shot is of the emulator selections.!
Now, up until this point everything goes well, until I get to game selections on this last shot. I inserted a picture of my own controls and it seems to be blocking a good quarter of my image. If there is anybody out there who can help me solve this issue and turn that white block transparent, I would be very grateful!!

If you use photoshop, you can copy your image of the cabinet and start a new file. The canvas size will change to whatever's on your clipboard so no need to worry there. Just make sure that the background is set to transparent and click ok. Paste your image, select the white area with the magic wand and hit delete.

Then just save the image as a .png and reimport it into your theme. Everything should be fine now. This goes the same for any image you wish to change on your theme. Just make sure the background is transparent and save as a .png.

I'll help you but Ill need the file. Can you save it and upload it somewhere as .psd?


--- Quote from: Ortizimo on October 03, 2010, 10:33:43 pm ---I'll help you but Ill need the file. Can you save it and upload it somewhere as .psd?

--- End quote ---

This would really mean a lot to me. I went to go and try to make the changes in photoshop on Saturday. Pushed the button on my pro tower and nothing. Hours of troubleshooting later I narrowed it down to a dead PSU. :banghead: :angry: So I spent the rest of the weekend trying to find a new PSU (ended up eith a new Corsair from Newegg) But still, that's going to take a couple of days for delivery, plus I probably won't have enough time after work this week and it is going to be pushed back to the weekend. So again, any help on this would be heaven.

I am at work right now, but when I get home I will find a free file hosting site and upload the .psd on there.
Are there any specific files you need? General cabinet files? vertical Bezel? horizontal bezel?

just post the .psd file and tell me what the general idea of this is and for what (loading, game selection, etc). I know PS but i do not know the theme editor in MA. THat i'm learning right now.


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