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Paradise Arcade Shop

A great board from the great north, no more need for separate LED and input boards, the HOWLER is an all in one solution that is LED Blinky compatible!
Scheduled to ship later this month.

Boards available in complete kits with everything you need to get your panel up and going, or as individual boards.
What is Paradise Arcade about?
1) Collaboration, we work to contribute by reaching out to vendors and members to help develop and provide support to develop new products.
2) Contribution, we do more than resell products we look to fill needs in the community.  Beyond the community we have donated over a dozen cabinets to local churches and youth groups, as well as given over 5000 dollars since we started 4 years ago to various charities and community forums.
3) Cost, not only do we offer some of the best prices but with flat rate shipping we offer 2-3 day delivery at some of the best rates.  Think this isn't possible from Hawaii? Because we use flat rate instead of weight for calculation our priority shipping rates are as cheap as you can get!
4) Support, We believe it is our responsibility to not only sell, but to understand our products.  We offer direct technical support on ALL our products.  We believe that by understanding what we sell, we can understand better what to sell, and what new products to create!
5) Passion, Arcade parts are not something we do from 9-5, it is something that we live 24-7.  We not only sell but I have installed every part in our shop at least once.  From working on my Warlords cocktail to helping with a new Mame build, this is much more than a business.

Hey with the translucent IL buttons do you have any images of the colors?  The previous green translucent's from happ were a pretty crappy dark green.

Unfortunately the colors of the green IL are the same, however, we have added this very fun item to our offerings!
Please note that this is a Zippyy joystick, we are producing these on the Paradise "pink top" joysticks:

Is there a website I didn't see? ??? Or am I just lacking coffee? :dizzy:

Hahaha, no I'm lacking coffee! I redid the whole post and forgot the website :( lol.  We are still working to get everything up on the website(we added over 50 products in the last week and have taken over 400 pictures), if there is something you want that you don't see let us know, we'll get it up quickly.


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