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play driving games with turbo twist 2 wheel ?

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I found a solution, you just need ppjoy, open in the ppjoy menu the "mouse joystick" and it works! no script needed

ntk, I just got a wheel for my TT2 as well. Do you have a pedal attached? If so, what model? I haven't quite figured out the best method for that yet.

I'm still building my cabinet, currently just testing the spinner so I do not know about the pedal
you tryed to use the spinner with games like split second ?

No, only used the spinner on MAME games so far and no custom settings yet

The primary goal of the script is to keep the wheel/spinner from losing it's center position when you go past the software end of travel.  If you do so in MAME, the center gets moved to a new point based on how far past center you moved.  As a result, if you then move back to the original center position in game, the computer thinks you have now turned the other direction.  This is VERY frustrating if you have an actual steering wheel.  I imagine it would be pretty frustrating with a spinner as well, but perhaps less so.  Some games have a steering wheel on the display to show where you are turned.  If you are ok with using that as a reference to where you are turning, you do not need a script.


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