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play driving games with turbo twist 2 wheel ?

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i have the turbo twist 2 and i wanted to know if i can convert the mouse movment to key press or config the spinner so i can play games like dirt and nfs and not just the arcade driving games with the spinner wheel


I put together a script to make this possible.  It will take mouse inputs and make them appear to be a 270 steering wheel.  At that point, you can configure your software to use the steering wheel (assuming the application can use a steering wheel).

BadMouth put together a nice page about steering wheels that might be nice to read as well.

BTW, yes, I know you have a spinner, but realize that a spinner is the same as a 360 steering wheel in the computer.  The both work as a single mouse axis.

Thanks but it does not work, I opened the glovepie with the script, I installed the ppjoy and set the virtual joystick to axis 1 - wheel - analog 0 ( when i press the scan button and move the spinner it does not detect anything )

I removed from the script the lines of the pedals but when I'm running "split second" and chooses the joystick It does not respond in the game

Does it work outside of MAME?  If you open up the game controller viewer in the control panel, does it show movement with GlovePIE running?

Have not tried it with mame i tried it with the games split second and dirt, I opened the game controller viewer now and it does not respond, the only thing that happens is that the mouse cursor move right and left (but it's always like that, even without the script)


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