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Ooops Im blind  :lol

im just trying out since i recently got the g27 and trying it out with nulldc [Puru puru input]

I mapped all of the controls only in the game  start button doesnt work , how did some of you guys setup the config keys to make it playable


can anybody help me? i think there must be a way to link a controller ffb motor output to the original motor driver board on cruisn world...
how's possilbe that the single way to do that is buying a servo controller?

Has anyone figured out how to use a cruisin USA H shifter in Mame?

Is there a wheel that's decent for like $100? I don't have the extra funds to go much higher, $100 is kinda the high end I'm willing to spend. I'd like one that works on Xbox 360 and PC.

Anyone have any opinions on these?

BTW not building a cabinet at all wish I could but not an option.


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