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Mame ROM set - How/Best way to verify all good/correct?


I just got the entire mame .139 set, and was curious if there is a way to "verify" the roms, etc.. I think clrmamepro is a program that does this?  I just wanted to make sure the entire set was really a .139 and has all the correct rom names, etc, before I continue with a large cabinet build.

Thanks guys.

ClrMAME is the way to do it.  I believe you need to have a MAME.dat file for the current version you are using.  The dat file contains all the info CLrMAME needs and then it cross checks your roms.  :-)

You can find the dat files here:


Thanks Delus, I will check this out.

I agree with Delusional, ClrMamePro is the way to go.

But it can be confusing when you first start using it, this may help:

Digital Vandal:
How do you upgrade the 0.136 set to 0.139 standard? (is there much difference?) or do you not bother?


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