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Pc Steeringwheel for Dreamcast :o



I need to figure out how to make my Pc steering wheel(MOMO Racing)work with my Dreamcast console - any good ideas on adapters or how to make it myself ???

I would really appreciate all the help I can get !!!

The reason I need to have a DC compatible PC wheel is this:

I'm making a sit-down arcade racing cabinet to play games like: F355 Challenge(DC), Metropolis Street Racer(DC), Grand Prix Legends(PC), F1-2002(PC) and netKar(PC)...and I don't like the idea of having to use two steering wheels, one for each format, in my arcade cabinet...

Any good idea's ? ::)



I see a couple of options... (From the research I've been doing lately)

There is a converter that allows you to use a Dreamcast controller with a PC (I found it at
With this you could use a Dreamcast Steering wheel with your PC as well...

Or you can get a couple of Playstation converters... (PS->PC & PS->DC) and use a Playstation Steering wheel.

I haven't seen ANY options to use computer controllers with console systems... PC hardware is always so different (hence all the stinking driver issues with every new piece of hardware). Honestly I don't know if you'll find anything to conect your PC wheel to the DC.

But by all means, if you do find a solution please post it here!!! (And since I hadn't specifically been digging for this idea, I'll keep my eyes open as well)

Good luck.

Spaced Invader:
Duct Tape...  ;D

Seriously, you can't. To paraphrase Tmas, PC controllers aren't standardized. That's why any new controller for your PC also requires a driver. Console controllers on the other hand, interface with the system for which they were designed in a pre-defined driver required.

Tmas gave you the best advice you are going to get...console controller with an adapter for PC compatibility. And even then it's not a sure controller specific driver. But with the right combination of adapter and controller, it CAN be done.

Someone, correct me if I'm wrong--Howard?  ;D


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