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You know when you goto gamestop, ebgames, walmart , toys r us, or somethign like that and they have those kiosks with either an xbox or a ps2 or gamecube running inside? Well does anyone have any idea how you could design sometype of mounting so that you could buy any generic controller and mount it like that (with the hard plastic and you see no wires just the controller). Because I'm building a cab with a rotating control panel and i thought it would be a cool idea to have maybe a real snes and n64 controller mounted but without the wires and mess...any ideas?

something like this except i wanna mount it to coming out of one of my cpanels:

Next time you are at one of those kiosks play a game as long as you can stand it.  

It will then become apparent that console games are meant to be played sitting down, at a distance from the monitor.  :)

well i thought it would be a viable alternative to running mario kart and other such nintendo 64 games that just dont feel right with arcade controls in my cab

i was thinking of using something like the plastice thats on some desk/computer chairs that covers the medal bar connecting the backrest and the seat and inserting some type of medal or plastic support to keep it from sitting limp...what do you guys think? n e idea where to buy replacement computer chair parts?


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