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Another request, but this probably isn't gonna be worked on much as I haven't touched it in months (apart from just now to update a few things before I let you guys at it).

The main puropse of this theme is to show off the box art for your games, rather than screenshots and marquees. Oh, and it doesn't take kindly to marquees, so I'd remove that folder location from your preferences if you're gunna use this theme.

Again, I've only included a couple of resolutions and this one is best viewed at 1024x768.

Here's some screenshots...

The box art shows up in place of the screenshots, so you'll have to do a bit of image editing to get the box art to fit in a square canvas with a transparent background.

I haven't finished the screens for all the emulators, and don't really intend on doing so, but if you REALLY want...I suppose I could work on it as requests are made.
Feel free to take this theme/idea and improve on it yourselves and I'll only want credit if you use my CPS3, AM2 and Zinc logos.

Download Link

damn this is really cool!  Great work


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