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I've been thinking about how I want to interface all of my controls to the PC in the project I'm planning...
I know all about the encoder options, but it's much easier for my to go the whole hacking route.

I've already hacked a keyboard and built a prototype control box (BIG mistake!!! I've been playing more than building ever since then)

I've got a few questions about hacking & interfacing PS/PSX/PS2 controlls.

- Has anyone used this PC interface and is $14.95 (+ $4.95 shipping) a good price to interface 2 PS controls?

- Has anyone taken advantage of the analog controls from a PS2 controller on a cabinet??? I'm not quite sure how one would do this, but I just started pondering the possibilities... (mini analog stick on the CP or something like that...)

I also plan on trying to include my Dreamcast into the cabinet (using the same controls).  I know there are PS->DC converters Like this one... Is there an easy way to split, the controls -> system cables? I'm hoping there will be an easy  way to get the PC & DC to play nice with this... But how do I interface the 1 controller to 2 systems???

I know a few of the obvious solutions...
- Open the coin door & switch the cables...
- hack the wires to a switch box (2 inputs, 1 output [or vice versa] and a switch to select)

I guess I'm just hoping for an easy solution. Anybody got one???


NOTE:  Not a real answer.... but more questions really.

Watch out for some ps->usb connectors.  One didn't allow for fast button presses (so you couldn't get chun le's tornado kick going in SF games).  Some don't allow up and down to be pressed at onces (not a big deal for some... but that assumes you are plugging them into a joystick and not buttons... or a DanceDanceRevolution pad).

But as hacks go.

Keyboards are the suckiest

Joystick hacks are button (less inputs, but the inputs don't have ghosting issues)... Usually off brands are easiest to solder to.

Keyboard encoders are best.  I've hacked keyboards, joysticks and others.  And I wsn't happy until I had a keyboard encoder...

I've NEVER EVER heard one person say they wish they saved the money and just hacked something instead of buying their keyboard encoder!  Really!  NOT ONE COMPLAINT!

I've heard bitching about all the others... on a regular basis.

So hack something if you have to... But its probably better saving money in other locations on an arcade cabinet and get a good encoder.

I wish I would of just saved the money and just hacked something instead of buying my keyboard encoder!  



I appreciate the comments, but at this time I'm happy with using my hacked keyboard. I mapped it out so that I've got 20 unghostable inputs. And I have as many other admin type functions as I could want. (I wouldn't use the shift functions on this machine either... I want it to be a little more idiot proof for when my friends play... they get Select, Start, Quit, but P1+P2, or P1+P1B1 would confuse the hella outta them)

Anyhow, I also am trying to attach a DC & computer to the same controls. an encoder does nothing for me in this respect, and so far I have no issues with the KB hack. I'm just looking at the available options out there.  And the PS controller hack looked promising. That is if I can find an easy way to attach it to the DC (converter) AND the PC (converter) at the same time.

Anyone know??? Can I just splice the PS controller cable to 2 systems?
Hey SNAAAKE! Ever mess with this stuff? ? ?
(I know you hack PS controllers all the time... Just wondering if you ever attach to a PC...)




any help  ???

please  :'(


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