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X-Arcade & Tankstick Exit Issue Workaround - Maximus 2.10

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I'm confused on this issue. If I run the turn numlockoff executable when MA boots up, do I have to turn Num Lock on when I choose a game and begin an emulator or do I need to reprogram the Tankstick for joypad 1 to use the arrow keys too?

EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out. I just left numlock off, but for some reason all of my emulators see it as on. Maximus hasn't locked up on me one bit.

Didn't X-Arcade buy the rights to Maximus?  They still haven't fixed this? 


--- Quote from: DeLuSioNal29 on July 22, 2010, 07:23:46 pm ---Hello guys,

I don't have the tansktick but I wrote this small tool that turn off the num lock, so you can use with the "Run application on startup" option if you wish.

Best regards


--- End quote ---


 I put this in the Maximus folder and chose to run it on startup but do I enter anything in the command line box?

Can I just put it in the pc start folder?

It's not the a frontend  or a Mame problem, I'm getting it now all the time exiting games with Mala or Maximus Arcade?

Any suggestions welcome!

Thanks for your time.


I think that part of the problem may be that it is a 'focus' problem.  I set the "priority" setting in Maximus to high and the problem seems to have almost gone away.  It came back once during a game that seemed not to run very well (I got an older machine) and used up too much resources and I couldn't exit it.  Fairly regularly I still can't exit games.  I do have an older machine.  But, no one seems to have found the solution to this bug?

The "escape" problem is a quirk with Windows & (the older) Ipac.  I changed the endoder/interface and switched out the Ipac.  Problem solved.  I bought one of them cheap 2 Player Arcade Controller Xin-Mo USB PC Encoders, installed it, and no more escape issues and a few other quirks.  The encoder can be had for a little more the 20 bux on Ebay and I highly recommend it.  But, there are some things.  I have an old dynamo cabinet with a Street Fighter control panel with only 6 buttons for each joystick and a P1 and P2 button for a total of 14 buttons.   That is not a lot to run Mame along with other emulators behind Mala.   So, if you don't have a lot of buttons, you won't have the flexibility that the Ipac offers due to it's "shift" functions.  Again, I have a first and second generation Ipac and both had the same issues.  My point is I don't have a clue if the new Ipacs have the same issue as the old.  They probably don't.  The Xin-Mo is a USB encoder and so are the new Ipacs which might be the game changer.  The Xin-Mo runs on Windows Gamepad software, which does limit you some.  If you know about the new Ipacs and if they've solved that "escape" issue, please comment...


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