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MA 2.10 Preferences.exe (known bugs)


Hello everyone,

After some thorough testing, the following issues were discovered in the standalone preferences.exe:

A) Creating shortcuts for Batch files (they don't work after creation). **
B) Selecting "shortcut of Frontend in startup folder" in the options (does not place the shortcut in the proper folder). **
C) When trying to assign the exit key as ESC, the preferences application quits without assigning the key intended. **
** These do not work properly when created through the Preferences.exe - works fine through MA using CTRL-P though).

Workaround: Do not use the Preferences.exe when making any preference adjustments. Use the Frontend itself by pressing CTRL + P to enter the preferences screen.

These bugs only occur when using the standalone version of the preferences (preferences.exe within the MA folder). If you were to try this within Maximus Arcade (ie pressing CTRL + P) the issues are not present and you are able to proceed as normal without any of the bugs listed above.



To add to this:

Personally, I delete my preferences.exe from the MA folder and Maximus still works fine.  This prevents me from accidentally opening it when I need to access the preferences.



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