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Mednafen (Atari Lynx) FULL screen in Maximus Arcade


Originally posted by Nickynooch on the MA forums.

Good news!

mednafen-0.8.D works in full screen.  FYI I tried the 0.9 with no luck.  Doesn't seem to work well with lynx as 0.9 is currently a work in progress.

Make sure you have the right lynxboot.img.  I had to go through 2 bad ones before I got one that worked.  If you do not have it, or have a bad one, you will simply get a black screen when trying to run the games.

Pretty much follow the virtua boy tutorial except for lynx and you should be good.  Remember Mednafen requires lynxboot.img to run lynx games.

or here

Also, in the youtube tutorial they say alt+ctrl+1 to configure controls.  That's a typo... it should be alt+shift+1.

Also, in the tutorial ignore these changes:
vb.anaglyph.preset disabled
vb.anaglyph.lcolor 0xff0000
vb.anaglyph.rcolor 0x000000
vb.disable_parallax 1
Those are, not necessary for lynx emulation.

In the mednafen.cfg change "lynx.stretch 0" to "lynx.stretch 1"

I set this up last week and should've written the tutorial then, I know I may have forgotten some stuff so if you have questions, please let me know and I'll try to help.

Randomness off the top of my head, but I'm stoked to have stretched full screen lynx games!  Hope this helps someone.

Hey gents,

Just wanted to thank you guys on the MA forum for all the help!
I ran into an issue with mednafen and virtual boy emulation.  I followed the video but when I drag a ROM onto the .exe nothing happens.  I have version D and I'm going to go back and try the others.  Ever seen this issue?



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