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I made a guide on how to integrate Demul.exe into Maximus Arcade for Atomiswave games.  Chillinwater provided the autohotkey script and other files that helped accomplish this. It goes into fullscreen and everything.  You just need to make sure it's setup and running outside maximus before integrating it.

Here's a link to the guide

Here are some vids of the games you can play through this emulator

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but Metal Slug has not been dumped yet =/, so you won't be able to find it anywhere online unless you personally dump it yourself.  There's a few games that haven't been dumped yet, 11 games have come out for it and 3 are light gun shooters.  I'm not too sure about the requirements, but it runs on my laptop (a dual core 1.8ghz with built in graphics).

Yeah it would be great if you could share your virtual boy art, I can host if you'd like (you can just attach it to one of your posts).  I tried to make this tutorial clearer by including images.

--- Quote from: nickynooch on June 21, 2010, 01:34:36 pm ---This is the first I've read on atomiswave.  It's looking like one I may add to my cab just for metal slug 6!  Does metal slug 6 work on it?  I noticed from wiki it's a atomiswave game.

Do you need a beefy system to run it?  

Props on getting it working with maximus arcade!  I still need to upload my virtual boy maximus artwork from your last tutorial!

Your tutorials are quite awesome!

--- End quote ---

If you want metal slug 6, there is the pc game Metal Slug Compilation that has it. It doesn't have credits/coin like the arcade version, but the configuration required is pretty modest.

Hey nickynooch.. I haven't tried out all atomiswave games.  I mostly plaid fist of the north star and dolphin blue.  I think you can edit the name under the list making option. Sorry that you had issues with it, try unclicking "list sort" or something like that, there's an option that has "sort" in it.. make sure that's unchecked. 

check out this guide, all the way at the end he talks about renaming games.  I will be using this to rename my atomiswave games.

hi everyone this post was dead i hopei will revive it
well thats it, the link to donwload the file is megaupload and all of you knows what have happen.
with that in mind does anyone can pass me the files soi that i can make my demul working in maximus arcade?
thanks in advance


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