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--- Quote from: Stormdemon on August 04, 2003, 04:22:27 pm ---When it comes to the Dreamcast, the point is that it seems that most games display interlaced, but a few display non-interlaced. I'm sure the scanlines in SFIII double impact are not simulated and I'm sure I have non-interlaced display with this game. Launch the game with a VGAbox and you will see no scanlines at all.
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Correct. The game can "see" the VGA box attached and will display non-interlaced. Remove the VGA box and it will display interlaced.

--- Quote ---Of course you can have non-interlaced display using scart, not only with DC but also with PC.

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No, you really can't. Display using SCART is always interlaced.

b3atmania, you are right as regards high res games. They'll display non-interlaced on a PC monitor via VGA-box, and interlaced on a SCART TV. However, you are wrong when you say that display using SCART is always interlaced. I can prove that the display I have in my SCART TV using my ArcadeVGA or using my Dreamcast with the games I mentioned is actually non-interlaced (in both cases using RGB cables).

After much research on the topic, I believe I finally figured this out. I was wrong in my previous post (sorry).  I was getting confused with the NTSC standard (which is always interlaced).  

An arcade monitor (or a SCART TV which supports RGB input) can indeed display a 15khz non-interlaced signal.  Essentially what you would get at 15khz non-interlaced is roughly 320x240 (otherwise known as Standard Resolution in arcade monitor terms).  This is why the ArcadeVGA can support some DOS modes in non-interlaced format (its really at 320x240 or something similar).  But anything over that, must be interlaced.

Ok, now onto your original question.  Can you somehow tell the DC to always output in non-interlaced 15khz mode?  Unfortunally not.  Its completely up to the game/software if its going to render in 320x240 non-interlaced or 640x480 interlaced (while in 15khz RGB mode).  It would have been nice if Sega supported another grounding switch in the SCART/RGB cable to let the game know your preference for non-interlaced 15khz, but alas nothing is there.

So the best you could hope for is that the game supports non-interlaced (like Last Blade 2 does by default).  Some games for the PS2 (like VF4 and Tekken4) actually have this non-interlaced support in the game config menus.  Whats funny is they call this "hires mode" but all its really doing is switching between interlaced and non-interlaced.  So if you are viewing at 15khz, and turn on high res, you are really lowering the resolution to 320x240!  LOL!  But it looks rock solid!  Obviously if you used this same option and had the PS2 component cables plugged into a US HDTV, it would switch to 640x480 non-interlaced.

Well I believe this puts the topic to rest!

um no the resolution doesn't cut in half the option your seeing are filters

it wouldn't look rock solid anyway since tvs will only display interlaced signals unless they are pal tvs connected by rgb or hdtvs and this still requires the input to be progressive

virtua fighter 4 doesn't support 480p


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