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Excellent responses so far, thanks everyone! More if you've got them!

Yes please, finished (or near finished since most of them are never 100% done ;) ) cabinets. :)

if mine works out half as good as I hope lol!

But my fav: the aliens cab by epyx. I'm a big aliens fan, in fact I've made numerous aliens halloween costumes out of latex, the coolest ones being a facehugger and chest burster.

Well in the thread he recently mentions a renovation, but I'm mentioning this one anyway.

The Varsity Club

~It helped in making unrelated themed cabs not just tolerable, but maybe even popular. We all know this probably had a draw to the hobby for people that may not have been otherwise interested.

~The design was very innovative in many respects (dual monitors, lighting, controls, layout, artwork, theme), and the execution was pretty stellar as well.

~Won a mamey for cab of the year.

newtrix:  Taxi-Cab Bartop
Knievel's Neon Mame and Woody


--- Quote from: opt2not on June 01, 2010, 03:45:33 pm ---Xcelerator - by theCoder
- Epic driving cockpit cabinet! Probably the best on the board IMO. The documentation is wonderful, and his attention to details and driving "feel" is commendable.
--- End quote ---


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