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Just noticed that the 2013 UCA build winners weren't listed here yet.

--- Quote from: UCA on March 02, 2014, 12:11:00 am ---The user voted best fullsize arcade cabinet build of 2013 is:

Sjaak's Fix-it Felix Jr.

The user voted best bartop build of 2013 is:

NinjaSquirrel's Black Ops

The user voted best small arcade cabinet build of 2013 is:

GriffinDodd's Barrel of Kong (Maximus)

--- End quote ---

You can find links to all the other nominees/categories in The 2013 BYOAC UCA Voting Thread.


2014 Nominee for Best Small Form Factor: 2084's Out of wall space:

This is the project i've just finished

In this forum you can see all the phases:

It's usually considered poor form to nominate your OWN project for this thread.

Especially when it's a project you didn't even post here initially.


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