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mario party, mario tennis

san fransisco rush, fifa 99, and international superstar soccer 64 (guess my fav sport).

if you get an n64 wheel Beetle Adventure Racing is awesome.  Yeah, it's only Beetles.  EA said they weren;t going to have an official MFS on the N64.  But BAR is NFS3 engine so it's pretty good.

Terisphere is a good 2 person game.

Since alot of games need the analog it's tough to find a cab friendly.  The N64 was a little lacking on the fighter side.

I don't have too many N64 games but I still play them often.  I have 8 of the IGN top 10 N64 games :)  Hmmm, playing Conker on a cab, that's sounds entriguing.

Generic Eric:

--- Quote from: SirPoonga on August 01, 2003, 01:48:30 am ---Terisphere is a good 2 person game.

The last time I played Tetrisphere on my pc (over a year ago) the sound was messed up.  Was I using the wrong sound plugin or was it the emulator I was using?

--- End quote ---
My favorite N64 game.  

I beat Mario 64 on my old cabinet using just and 8-way Wico joystick and the 6 buttons that were installed. Granted it was more difficult than using an analog stick, but it was certainly playable.


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