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--- Quote from: crashdmj on August 07, 2003, 11:45:28 pm ---I played Zelda all the way up until Ganon's castle (still have to do it), and the graphics were literally flawless. Nothing bad. I dunno.

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I second that, I've played both zelda's all the way through and it looked great!

i love smash bros on my cab, its the ultimate 4 player game... actually, mario party is pretty good at that, so is mario kart, and goldeneye is too...

to quote lilwolf:

--- Quote ---Gauntlet Legends! if only an emulator supported it... sigh...

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this dude got it working, i dunno how but you could drop him a message:

pj64 did mace the dark age fine for me. And I didn't play too far into yoshi or kirby, but they were flawless as well. I don't bother with emus much when the carts are easy to find and very cheap.

bomberman 64 is fun multiplayer, might be a good cab game.
Although the analog is used for run/walk or to throw different distances, you can only go in 8 directions so it's at least halfway decent for digital sticks.


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