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Anyone used Logitech G25/G27 with MAME?


Just curious if anyone has tried to use the Logitech G25/27 with mame for driving games? I know it works well with its own software under pretty well all versions of Windows with newer games, but wasn't sure how it would be to configure with this possible? If so, how is it? I just really want to use this as my driving cab controls as they are far superior in feel and look to the stuff from Daytona, Crusin' and Rush.

Not sure how close they are, but I have the cheaper Logitech MOMO & it works fine (as did the old Formula Force & Act Labs RS that I tried). 
I did have to uncheck the "combine pedals" box in windows, which makes them register as different directions of the same axis.
Tweaking the analogue control sensitivity, speed, etc for each game by trial and error is a pain.

You may want to try the games you are thinking of before you do too much planning.
Of the games you mentioned, Cruisin' works, Rush requires a crazy fast CPU, & Daytona isn't emulated yet.
Nebula's Model 2 emulator works great for Daytona & a few other driving games.  Force Feedback even works. 

My driving cab is running off my regular MAME computer right now (2.8GHz Athlon X2).
I've rounded up almost all the parts for another pc, but I'm still debating the cost/benefit ratio when it comes to the processor.

Anyone have California Speed playing with perfect sound?  What processor are you using?

Well I was more just curious if it worked, so that it would be a possibility if needed.

I think I'm more likely to throw a modded 360 in it and play a few more modern racers. With the LCD I'm planning on using they should look crazy nice.

Thanks for the input though!


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