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[Guide] Add systems to Maximus Arcade ( Wii, Gamecube, Nintendo Ds, and Naomi )

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Which frontend did you use for visual pinball?

Maximus Arcade does Both Future, and Visual Pinball.

Yeah got it, I misread something and thought you needed a frontend in order to run vpinball

I am focusing on future pinball, since I can at least get those tables to load.  Once they load though.. by keys don't work. I configured future pinball to keyboard keys... but I can't put in a coin, and it won't let me start.. and the plunger won't work.  I'm not sure why the keys won't work.

I think I always thought the tables I downloaded were unfinished, but it turns out that what really is happening is that I don't know how to put in a coin and start the game.  I'm not sure what i'm missing...

yup, I even went into the config screen to make sure..

maybe it's an issue with the tables I'm using, but every single table has this issue

Shatteredsoul- that is f'in NICE!  Really good stuff.  But geez man, dual core i7, 8 GB(!) of ram and wii running slow?  That's insane.  I don't know  much about that video card since I'm not really a hard core pc gamer...whenever I build a box all I care about is raw processing power- bus speeds, cpu and memory :)

Anyway, I'm building a box to run mame/ggpo/pc games on a blast city cab.  I was thinking of adding support for my 360 and possibly wii for TvC at some point- but I never knew there was a wii emulator.  If it's only running at arcade monitor resolutions- like 640x480, I wonder if I could get smooth play.  My setup 2.8ghz core 2 duo, arcadevga 3000 (basically a modified Radeon HD2400), and only 2 GB ram, which I might have to up.


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