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[Guide] Add systems to Maximus Arcade ( Wii, Gamecube, Nintendo Ds, and Naomi )

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If you would like to, you can download the Following Skin/Theme for Maximus (I simply labeled it Maximus Arcade 6) that already has included the art for the systems I list here.  Don't use this them if you use DOSbox, T1-99 calculator, visual pinball, or Sinclair. <-- the theme is setup for 1200 X 700 Screen Resolution.  If you use a different setting you'll have to go into the theme editor to center and resize the images for your screen size.  I recently upgraded to a different monitor and noticed this.  If anyone knows how I can save it to automatically do this please let me know.

Keep in mind that in order to integrate new systems I took out old systems.  So if you use these themes keep in mind which systems have been replaced for the newer systems.  Also, you need to have the emulators running outside of Maximus Arcade. If you can't figure that out please search and and find the guides for each emulator.  Each emulator has specific guides and forums that can provide help. The hyperspin board has people who are pretty knowledgeable about makaron (the naomi emulator).  I will post this in the Maximus Arcade forums once I finish this and refine it, but at the moment it seems that most people who could use it are here on byoac (since Maximus is not as frequented anymore).

Also to give everyone a frame of reference Here are my system specs
2.6 ghz i7
ati radeon 4850
8 gb ram
64bit, Windows 7

Ok so here are the systems I used to install the new emulators (I put the emulators I used in parenthesis)

Texas Instruments tI-99/4 => Nintendo Wii ( Dolpin_2.0_RC1_x64)
Visual Pinball => Naomi (Makaron T13)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum => Nintendo DS (no$gba 2.6a and no$zoomer)
DOSbox => Nintendo Gamecube (same as Nintendo Wii)

Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii

I used the latest revision of the Dolphin emulator to install the Gamecube and Wii.  For those new to this emulator, the Dolphin emulator started off as a gamecube emulator and was later expanded to include Nintendo Wii games.  To have good emulation, you need a pretty fast cpu (not necessarily the best graphics card). Notice that tatsunoko vs capcom runs pretty slow on my system (2.6 ghz i7, ati radeon 4850, 8 gbs ram, 64bit, Windows 7)

recommended cpu speed for gamecube =?? for Nintendo Wii = 3.0hz dual core


Let's start off with the gamecube first.  Before setting it up in Maximus you want to make sure you have games launch into full screen automatically.

Ok now launch Maximus Arcade and then pres ctrl p to go into the preferences.

* 1st go to the DOSbox config screen
* 2nd enter the path to Dolphin.exe for the executable and the path to your rom folder
* 3rd in the command line box put "/e %file"
* 4th change the art, if you downloaded my theme you are done. I moved the system to be right after n64, you might want to do the same
Nintendo Wii

Follow the same steps I outlined for the gamecube, but using the Texas Instrument Config screen.


Ok for this one  you have one step to do before setting it up in maximus arcade

open the Makaron .ini file and edit the file so that it reads "fullscreen=1" it usually will say "fullscreen=0" setting it to 1 makes it launch into fullscreen.

For this system you simply

* 1st. Go to the Visual Pinball Config Screen
* 2nd. Setup the executable and point it to the naomi.exe and point the roms paths to wherever you have your paths
That's it, you may have to setup your controllers outside of Maximus, that's a whole issue on it's own.  I have found helpful guides on the Hyperspin boards.

Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS takes the most time to setup, I will provide a mini guide to setting up no$zoomer.

1st. Download No$zoomer and no$gba 2.6a (you have to donate to get the latest version.  I believe the donation is 2 or 3 dollars).

2nd. Open no$zoomer and it will ask you to point it to the no$gba.exe, navigate no$zoomer and point it to this.

3rd. Open no$zoomer, run a game as a test, does it work? If your answer is yes, move on, if not try step 1 and 2 again.

4th. Under Options check off "start in full screen"

5th. Under "Other" go to Key Assignments.  You Want to assign the following keys to buttons on your control panel (if you never want to make one screen fullscreen and always want to see both screens you can skip 5a and 5b)

5a. Separate Window -  Under the key assignments look under "View Options", this will break the the two screens apart.  If you press the key (whatever key you assign to this option) again, it will stack them back on top of each other vertically. When you are in fullscreen mode, this makes the main screen full-screen and separates the bottom screen.  Most likely the bottom screen will be blocking your view, luckily you can freely re-size the second screen.  I resized it a tiny size and placed it in the black border on the left.  no$zoomer will remember where you left it and at what size, from now on it will always resize the bottom screen and put it on the left when you separate the windows.

5b. Replace the Screen - Under the View options, this will make the bottom screen the top screen.  This is useful when the bottom screen is the main screen.

Ok, you're done setting up the emulator.

To setup the Nintendo DS..

* 1st. Go to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
* 2nd. Setup the executable and point it to the no$zoomer.exe and point the roms paths to wherever you have your paths
* 3rd. Make sure to add .nds to "media extensions" in maximus arcade when in the sinclair menu in maximus arcade on the "configuration" tab, and the tab near the bottom of the screen "scan". Put ".nds" there with the other file extensions listed.  Otherwise it won't know the nds games are roms and will never scan them.  Hence, it won't show up.
* 4th. On the "Exit" tab under the "configuration" tab in maximus arcade, I checked the box next to "close specific processes opened during launch" and entered "No$gba.exe,No$zoomer.exe". (You can add xpadder to that list if you use it) It exits properly now.  Woo hoo!

Additional TIPS

* Make sure to click off rescan folder option in Maximus Arcade
* Make sure you can run games outside of Maximus before trying to run them inside Maximus
* Don't forget to assign the player 1 and player 2 buttons
* Make sure to add the appropriate extensions for the game types
* [/list]

Yeah I'd appreciate comments on how to make it clearer.  Also keep in mind that in the video of the gamecube my joystick was acting funny.. it was an issue with the 360 controller and not the emulator.  I've had issues like that with it before in other emulators.  Not sure why.


Maybe you can help me figure out visual pinball and future pinball...

I just don't get how to use those two programs.  And I can never find a place to find complete tables.  I always seem to get tables that are incomplete or are a wip... it would be nice to be able to download them in sets (but I guess the community is against this).

anyone know a good place to get future pinball tables from?

saint's note - no links to ROM sites please
Good place for either pinball sets.

Thanks for the feedback

I forgot to put that, You can also check off "close all processes on exit" something like that.  It closes all the processes that started when you launched the game.


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