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Requests for thread edits or take downs due to claims of libel, slander, or ...


Requests for thread modifications or take downs due to claims of libel, slander, or defamation

Any request to modify or take down a thread due to a claim of libel, slander, or defamation must be presented physically in writing, not electronically, to the owner of the forum, John St.Clair. The mailing address to send the modification/take-down request may be obtained by emailing the forum owner at

Any request to modify or take down a thread must include court-worthy evidence of untruthfulness of items posted. An example of court-worthy evidence would include a sworn affidavit specifically disclaiming a point or points in a disputed posting. After such evidence is received, the other posting party will be given a chance to rebut the allegation of libel, slander, or defamation. A determination as to whether or not to modify or remove the posting in question will only be made after this process has occurred.

Claimants wishing to pursue a modification or take-down of a post should be aware of the following:

As the owner of this forum, I believe there is a difference between libel/slander/defamation (hereafter grouped simply as libel but encompassing all terms) and a statement of opinion. I also believe a statement of truth is not libel, even if the statement is of a negative nature towards a person or business. It is my belief that statements of opinion and statements of truth are Constitutionally protected free speech.

I believe one of the values in a web forum such as this is the free and frank discussions of the merits and other factors concerning merchants who sell products related to this hobby -- be those comments positive or negative.

It is also my belief that idle or frivolous threats of legal action are chilling to free speech and may themselves be illegal and subject to potential counter-suits.


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