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Merit Megatouch Evo boot error -- System halted?


Hey guys,

I recently purchased a megatouch evo machine that was working just fine last night when l turned it off. But when l went to turn it on today it doesn't boot up. It goes through a few of it's normal steps, but gets to a point that says:

--- Code: ---BIOS Data check successful
Uncompressing Linuxx...

crc error

-- System halted
--- End code ---

I'm not a megatouch repair man by any means; but my first thought was to do a 4,7 dip switch reset on the machine; however l can't because this error happens before the 4,7 reset check happens so it hangs prior to reaching the standard factory reset screen.  :hissy:

I'm kind'a at a loss and was hoping someone who maybe works on these things or has a little knowledge can maybe give me a couple ideas as to what to try next.

I've attached to screen shots of what happens on the touchscreen. I've reversed the color(s) so it's a bit easier to read. The first screen that comes up l can't remember if it's normal or not.

Thanks to anyone who has a few spare minutes to respond...

Justin Z:
Looks like the archive that Linux gets installed out of on boot has become corrupted.  I do not know a lot about Megatouches but if there is a way to get a fresh copy of the core files onto your hard drive, I would bet that would solve your problem.

Hi Justin,

Thanks for your input. Merit also suggested that I replace the hard drive as I don't have the original install cds, nor a usb dvd bay. The guy that sold me this thing is sending out a new hard drive next week... I hope that does the trick!

Justin Z:
I'm almost positive that will do it.  Since it's gotten past BIOS and is moving on to booting, then it just must mean that something has happened to the data on the drive.

Theoretically, you could find yourself a copy of what goes on the hard drive, put the hard drive in another computer, format it and reinstall everything, but if your guy is sending you another drive, there's no need to go through all that trouble.


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