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Two Versions of Mame in Maximus Arcade


Well I figured it out finally I've got both versions up and running the sad part is it's a pain but not too difficult. First have Maximus arcade make the list of games for the first version of Mame then make a copy the Mame.lst file. after that go to preferences folder and delete the original Mame.lst file now pick an unused emulator. I used Raine for example and point it to Mame instead. Also don't forget to add the command line %file -skip_gameinfo -nowindow now rename the copy Mame.lst file to Raine.lst now import it as the Raine list in maximus once that is all done maximus thinks it's running Raine and you have your second version of Mame working. if you have any questions please ask as i'm not the best at explaining stuff.

So you kind of hijacked another emulators prefrences/setup page?
Pointed to another exe file and edited the commandline field to send commands that work with the other exe file?

I'd like to try this with Visual Pinball since some tables only run in version 8 and some in version 9.

Yep that about sums it up just make sure you make the lst file using Visual Pinball then make a copy of it and rename it to whatever emulator your hijacking.

Cool. I'll try it out as soon as I have put my PC back in the cabbie.


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