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Maximus Arcade is NOT gone? (Website Updated)

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Seems the website ( is now a GoDaddy holding site.

Guess my mirrored cabinet setup is now relying on either Atomic or my cab rework.  Which, unfortunately, I was leaning towards...there's just too much out there I'm losing access to because I can't easily mirror the output.  Stinks, but what are you going to do.

I check the MA forum daily, and noticed a message saying it was going under maintenance this morning. Later today the forum link gave me the 403 Error, as well as the dead link to Is it truly gone?

Seems to be back but website seems a little bit sparce

Maximus Arcade lives! I like the new layout too.

Looks like it's back up and completely redesigned.  Odd it went to the parked GoDaddy Holding site.


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